Friday, March 2, 2012

Vancouver Bathroom vanities

The bathroom vanity really is the centrepiece of the room so you want something that looks stylish and makes a real statement. That¡¯s why we¡¯ve put together the latest trends in bathroom vanities, so you know what is hot right now, and into the future. A new bathroom vanity is a great addition to the home if you are trying to remodel for the springtime. your new bathroom vanity can turn an outdated bathroom into an entirely new space that reflects the latest design trends of the year.

When it comes to bathroom vanity colours, the classic white is still way on top for the doors and drawers. However, the current trends are seeing people moving towards darker colours such as blacks and browns and for something different, you can even opt for a hot multi-coloured veneer! The hottest color for bathroom vanities nowadays is Espresso, which is a uniquely attractive and extremely practical choice all at the same time. Some leaders of this industry provide big collection of this kind of vanities. Such as They are specialized in selling many kinds of bathroom vanities in Vancouver, BC Canada.

It provides a very modern look and tricks the eye into perceiving that the bowl-style sink is floating atop the counter with water rushing into it. This design is especially practical if you want a single bathroom vanity, as it provides a singular centerpiece for the room.

The classic beauty and elegance of natural stones such as granite and marble have never gone out of fashion but engineered marble are becoming a huge trend. It works exceptionally well with under counter mounted basins to create a clean yet stylish look. It's more durable and easier for cleanning and maintenance than natural stone. Best of all, while stone is really is in fashion now; it also will never date if you pick classic colours.

While you will naturally want a bathroom vanity that looks great, the trends are moving towards vanities that are incredibly functional as well. This means that double vanities that allow two people to use it at the same time are still right on trend. However, the current trends are dictating that children¡¯s bathrooms have a single vanity than can be shared. As well, vanities are moving towards soft close door and drawer openers, so that they don¡¯t slam shut.

The latest trends are now seeing people moving away from the traditional two door and three drawer floor mounted vanity. Instead, they are moving towards wall hung vanities, which provide cleaner lines in the bathroom and also help to create the illusion of space. This is because you can see the floor underneath them, so you don¡¯t have the vanity blocking the lines of the floor.

One surprising trend that is emerging is the trend to convert antique cabinets and buffets into a unique and talked about bathroom vanity. This can be risky as timber, and especially old timbers can find it hard to stand up to the rigours of the bathroom so bathroom manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and creating antique look vanities out of moisture resistant materials that are specifically designed for use in the bathroom.

Whether you choose a single or double bathroom vanity, the rustic look is a good choice for a natural appearance and comfortable feel. The ultra modern look with clean lines and unique elements such as vessel sinks is a good choice if you like a bold style. It¡¯s a good idea to give a bit of thought to the latest trends, but choose the style that you feel most comfortable with and that you personally enjoy. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a bathroom that you have to remodel again in a couple years or that you don¡¯t like looking at, after all.