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Nintendo Gaming Systems

Video Games and Gaming System Reviews

Are you a big fan of playing video games? With so many video game systems available out there it is hard to stay on top of the newest games or the newest cheat codes. Trying to find a website with any accurate information can make you want t pull out your hair. Most websites just offer inadequate information about video games, or they do not offer anything beyond a simple video game review. Any serious video gamer can tell you that is their number one choice for gaming system information.

Sometimes you may get really get into a video game, but suddenly realize that you do not have the capabilities of passing the level no matter what you try. You may resort to name calling or frustration, but all of that can be avoided by going to and looking up their secret cheat codes. For example, they have an amazing number of PS3 cheat codes among cheat codes from other counsels. Moopmaster has cheats available for many different video game counsels including the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, the old school Nintendo 64, and Xbox 360. With countless cheats able to be found on our website, there is no better place to go to find your codes!

Other times, you may not want to resort to cheating to win a video game or there is no cheat code available for the part of the game that you need help passing. Moopmaster has an extraordinary amount of video game reviews for all different sorts of counsels. Video game reviews are a great way to see what others thought of a particular game, or how to get past a certain part in a game. If you are not sure whether you want to purchase a game or not, Moopmaster’s video game reviews can help you make an informed decision before you end up spending your well earned money. There are also free online game downloads on Moopmaster which require you to spend none of your money. should be the first place to check if you are in need of video game cheats or if you need more information about a certain game. This is the best place to find new information because of all the video game counsels that it covers. With all of the great things that Moopmaster can offer, there is no better place to go for your Nintendo Gaming System information.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brisbane Home Loan

Buying property in Brisbane, think of your home loan as an investment.

Since the GFC and low property value growth in Brisbane the decision to take a home loan should not be taken lightly. Infact the home you purchase and mortgage you use will impact your financial situation and living conditions for the rest of your life. This means property research and loan selection are the most important part of buying property

A few tips

10 Steps Involved in Purchasing Property

The process of purchasing property may seem overwhelming, but it needn’t be that way. Professionals take care of the paperwork, so the hardest part for you is finding the property. By understanding the steps involved and reading our Property Investment Tips, you will feel more confident and it will ease the panic so often associated with the purchasing process.

1. Apply for Pre-Approval of a Loan, consider using a mortgage broker to compare a lot of loans.

2. Find the Property

Be sure to read Property Investment Tips for more information on finding property and making sure it’s a good deal.

Look, don’t leap! Do as much research as you can before making an offer.

Obtain a Free Real Estate Report to see what similar properties have sold for in the area. This information can save you from offering an above-market price for the property

Remember: The Real Estate Agent works for the Seller and not for you. They may act like they are on your side, but they’re not. So, never solely rely on what the selling agent tells you. It’s their job to get as much as they can for the Seller.

3. Find an Experienced Solicitor or Conveyancer

Before signing any Offer/Contract, have your solicitor/conveyancer review it to make sure it is acceptable.

4. The Real Estate Agent will draw up an Offer for you. Once the Seller accepts/signs your Offer, the Offer then becomes a Contract.

Send a copy of the Offer/Contract to your Solicitor/Conveyancer BEFORE signing it.

5. Once the Seller accepts/signs your offer, have the Real Estate Agent fax a copy your bank or Mortgage Broker.

6. Arrange for Building and Pest Inspections

You should have inspections performed by independent qualified professionals who have insurance.

7. Arrange for Insurance

It is your responsibility to insure the property as soon as the Offer becomes a Contract (e.g., if it burns down whilst under contract, it is your loss).

Contact your current Home and Contents Insurance Provider or contact Allianz Insurance, 1300 360 574, for a quote. Please quote Reference Number 1-H7YS to the Allianz Consultant and they will offer you up to 90 days free* Home & Contents Insurance during your settlement period when purchasing, or up to 10%* off an Allianz Home Insurance Policy when refinancing.

8. Advise your Solicitor/Conveyancer when your home loan has been Unconditionally Approved by the Bank/Financial Institution.

This normally takes two weeks from the original application date as the Banks usually need to send a Valuer to the property and receive a valuation report before Unconditionally Approving a loan.

9. Contact your Solicitor/Conveyancer to find out:

The time and date that has been set for your settlement.

The amount of money you will need to give them to complete the settlement on your property.

Where the keys for the property will be after settlement.

10. Move In

Enjoy your new home

Zar Pty Ltd

1800 180 927

Ann Street

Brisbane QLD 4000

Mark Lewis

Home Loan Consultant

P – 1800 180 927

M – 0405 780 870

F – 07 3056 0246

E –

W –

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog

Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog

The roots of one of the most popular working dogs, the Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog, really started out in the Shetland Islands. To be specific, the breed arose as a result of mixing the Scandinavian herding dogs with the Scottish working collie. Those inclined to show the breed later on involved some crosses with show collies. On the islands, sheep were welcome to roam all over the open country, but fencing kept the animals off the croft. This was the environment into which the Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog was introduced, and he was busy being a watch dog, companion, keeping livestock away from cultivated areas and or simply rounding them up. While the modern Sheltie is more of a show dog and companion, some continue their working tradition in the UK and in the US. Breeders nowadays aim to include among their programs' goals the intelligence, willingness and inner drive that has come to be identified with the Sheltie's unique attitude and disposition.

Interested in looking for a Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog with the built-in herding instinct? The instinct to herd is actually inherited, and not learned. But on the other hand, even if the instinct is confirmed even up to the parents of the dog, there must also be the willingness to work with the handler. In selecting a puppy, the hint of a herding instinct can be gleaned by observing the puppy's interest in pursuing moving objects (such as balls, other animals) and whether he has an outgoing personality. Audacity and self-confidence are plus-points, while aggressiveness or shyness may be detrimental in the long-run.

If you wish to have your Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog evaluated for the possibility of a herding instinct, the dog ideally needs to be between six months to one year of age. An organized instinct testing expert might be a phone call away. But you may also need to check first with an experienced trainer to get your dog used to the exposures.

Sheep is most appropriate for testing since they flock the most. Cattle might prove unpredictable for a young Sheltie dog, and ducks do not flock as well. Working with an older dog, or who has had extensive obedience training, might be like going against the grain since they dog may be focused on the owner, requiring much effort to get the dog to transfer his interest and focus on to the stock. What does the evaluator look for? He or she will look for the dog's interest in the stock, and how the dog works the animals and makes them change direction. One last bonus tip here is that the evaluator would appreciate seeing the dog counterbalancing him or her by staying on the opposite side of the stock.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Advanced Forex Auto Trading Robot Reviews

Cheap but Effective: The Advanced Forex Auto Trading Robot - Metatrader MT4 EA

There are tons of Forex robot software systems on the market. Having quite a few to choose from can be a great thing because it allows you to shop around. But it can also be a hindrance when there are too many claiming to offer the exact same thing. All claim to be fully automated and all claim to make you money within weeks. If all systems worked, then there would be no problem. However, the fact is that some work better than others and you most often do not find this out until after you have made the purchase. Advanced Forex Auto Trading Robot - Metatrader MT4 EA gives you some reassurance.

Advanced Forex Auto Trading Robot - Metatrader MT4 EA moves to the front of the pack with its ease of installation. Some people are not computer savvy and installing new software can give them the hives. To have a Forex software system that can be installed and up and running in five minutes is quite a unique perk. The whole program has a great installation process that walks you through it step-by-step.

Metatrader MT4 EA is very similar to other Forex robot software applications in that it is 100% automated. It monitors your stocks and the market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can get the live results when you visit, which is a great thing because you may not understand the flow chart the software gives you. And since it is such a new software application you can expect it to run well on your computer. Another bonus.

Something else to keep in mind is that the software company, Forex Unlimited Wealth, offers you a full money back trial period. There is a catch though. You have to email the company with the live testing statement from your account, on the default settings, and show that the software did not make you any money. If you will pay close attention you should notice that it says "on the default settings." That means if you changed them and it did not make you money, then you probably will not get your money back.

Even with the catch on getting your money back Advanced Forex Auto Trading Robot - Metatrader MT4 EA is still a great Forex robot software system for the money. How much does it cost? You can get it for $89.99, which is definitely less expensive than a lot of the other programs on the market. And to be honest, most users never worry about getting their money back because they are so happy and are seeing an increase in their trade profits.

For more Forex reviews and tips, visit my Forex Reviews winning formula site.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Find a Mentor; Be a Mentor; Why we all can use a Coach

An article from Vanessa at

When I was a young kid I had a couple of folks very special in my life besides my parents and grandparents. One was my cousin and one was my uncle. Both spent a lot of time with me, doing whatever we did, even if it was just hanging out. It was the giving of time that made a difference. It was years before I realized that they were big mentors for me as I always just considered them family. I came to realize that whether it was teaching me about determination, standing up for yourself or having a strong work ethic their influence stays with me today.

As a late twentysomething, I discovered my passion for giving back to my community and spent a number of years involved with a program for at-risk youth; a few of those years as a personal mentor to two kids. The years were challenging, sometimes overwhelmingly emotional but most of all I find it to be one of the most rewarding times of my life. To help make a positive difference in the life of another, we’ll, it’s hard to beat that for me.

These experiences helped shaped me into who I am today. Almost a decade ago when I started to pursue my Coaching Certification I had to first work with a coach on my own topics/issues, learning more and more about myself. I’ve worked through my limiting beliefs about myself and I have learned how to deal when them when their ugly heads arise. I also discovered my passion and purpose in life.

I progressed through the training process and was able to work with other people as a requirement to complete Certification. Since then I have coached a variety of people around life issues, business issues, or sometimes both.

The Dictonary describes a Mentor as: 1) a wise and trusted counselor or teacher 2) an influential senior sponsor or supporter

The Dictionary decribes a Coach (among other things like a car) as:
1) A person who trains an athelete or team.

This topic came to my mind yesterday during a 4 hour drive to and from a meeting. I was thinking about some of the reasons I have been successful in life and in my career, how and why I made it through ups and downs, and why 99% of the time I have an optimistic positive attitude. I was also thinking about what drives me to be so passionate about helping others. It came back to my mentors/coaches in life. I still have people I call upon when I need to work through a situation; sometimes it takes 5 minutes, sometimes it takes 20-30. Those minutes make the difference and help me be successful.

A mentor or coach will ask the tough questions when you don’t want to see them, or will guide you to get to the core of the matter that’s hitting you in the gut – you know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you can’t get rid of and may not be sure why it is there.

I’d like you, dear reader, to think about finding yourself a mentor. As entrepreneurs, we lead isolated and lonely lifes at times as we pour our hearts into our businesses. A mentor may be someone you know already or it may be someone new to your life. It may be a trusted friend or someone you hire.

This person can help you move your business and your life to new levels if you ask them to and then let them help you. When you set up a true mentor/coach relationship, you set the expecation of the relationship. Don’t just pick a friend to call and say, “Can you help me work through this issue?”. That is always nice but I am talking about a formal relationship with the expectation of mentoring and support and calling it like it is.

What you do is find the person who may have a little more knowledge/experience in an area you’re seeking guidance or be a little more succesful and say, “I am looking for a mentor/coach, would you be willing to meet with me periodically to talk about XYZ?” Then you set up a formal schedule, like once a week for coffee.

After a substantial period of time, whether it is 6 months or more, you may get to the point where you don’t have formal weekly meetings anymore.

I know I can pick up the phone or send an email at anytime and the cavalry will be there to help me through a situation.

Is it time for you to develop your cavalry?

original article:
Find a Mentor; Be a Mentor; Why we all can use a Coach

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mariner: Explosion/Fire Causes Volume Explosion (ME, APA, BP)

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Mariner Energy, Inc. (NYSE: ME), which is being acquired by Apache (NYSE: APA), has just seen an exponential volume surge due to the sticky nature of any offshore drilling accidents after the BP plc (NYSE: BP) disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  Mariner’s spokesperson on CNBC said that a fire took place about an hour ago, and that the oil well(s) around the area have been shut in and that all personnel have safely been evacuated.  The company believes that there is no oil leaking nor that any has spilled in the area.

Update 12:30 EST: It turns out that this was a production platform that was not in production.

At 12:10 PM EST there have been over 24 million shares traded hands versus 4.4 million shares on average.  The stock fell to nearly $20 during the panic selling, but now shares are down “only” 2% at $22.85.  The 52-week trading range is $11.35 to $26.32.


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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Options Already Gave Burger King Away (BKC)

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Burger King Holdings Inc. (NYSE: BKC) is feeling some joy on fresh buyout rumors that private equity is looking at taking the fast food retailer private.  Keep in mind that Burker King already went private with private equity and has come back to the stock market as recently as 2006.

Joe Kunkle of noted, “I put out a note to clients on 8-25 that unusual call buying seemed to indicate Burger King could be bought out in a consolidating restaurant industry.  On the day more than 26,500 calls traded, more than 10X average with more than 16,000 far out of the money October $20 calls bought at $0.50.  Implied volatility spiked 31% higher on the same day the Company had reported earnings, an event that usually cause implied volatility to fall, so it was obvious that option traders were positioning for a potential takeover.”

Kunkle further noted, “The following day, August 26th, more than 6,900 September $20 calls were bought with shares at $17.25, fairly outlandish lotto ticket type bets without any notable near term catalysts in a weak market environment.”

UPDATE from 7:25 AM EST… As of 9:00 AM EST we have nearly 500,000 shares traded and shares are up 16.5% at $19.17 versus a 52-week range of $16.31 to $22.19.

One question needs to be posed here: If this has already been private under private equity and it came public, what is the goal and the exit strategy that is any different than what management has currently?  What can it do differently from now to take a couple percentage points from McDonald’s?


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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crushing Mediacom Communications (MCCC)

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Mediacom Communications Corp. (NASDAQ: MCCC) is the subject of what may be a severe volume spike this morning on very negative trading trends.  Here is why… Rocco Commisso withdrew his offer to take Mediacom Communications private by acquiring the rest of the shares he does not already own.  Here was his statement:

  • “I am very disappointed with the highly unusual process and ground rules established by the Special Committee and its financial and legal advisors to evaluate my proposal. I firmly believe that the Special Committee’s decision is not in the best interests of Mediacom’s shareholders.”

Shares just opened down 16% at $5.74 and as of 9:33 AM EST there have already been almost 200,000 shares traded versus an average volume 424,000 shares.  The $5.74 price compares to a close yesterday of $6.85 and a 52-week range of $3.85 to $7.65.


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Thursday, August 26, 2010

ArcSight Volume Explosion (ARST)

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

ArcSight, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARST) jsut saw a volume explosion late in the trading day after the WSJ  announced that ArcSight was up for auction and that it could fetch $40 per share.  Whether that comes is another issue, but shares are up 28% at $36.37 on more than 1.9 million shares.  Average volume is only about 420,000 shares and the 52-week trading range WAS $17.51 to $29.33 before today’s explosive move.

ArcSight has been public since only early-2008 and this move above $30 represents all-time highs in the stock.

The company is a security and compliance management solutions provider that identifies and mitigates cyber threat and risk for businesses and government agencies with a complete visibility and critical insight into their IT infrastructure across all users, networks, datacenters and applications.


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Exponential Volume Alert from Ceraplast PR (CERP)

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Ceraplast, Inc. (NASDAQ: CERP) is a tiny company in a very promising sector.  The company rang the opening bell at the NASDAQ this morning to help further promote its bio-based resin business, which in short means biodegradable plastics.  This field is still emerging despite a 15 year effort to get off the ground, and Ceraplast may be one of the ones that makes it in the field.

We are seeing what is already a 12X volume alert: at 11:10 AM EST the stock is up 11.2% at $3.78 versus a 52-week range of $2.78 to $7.00.  The volume is already over 750,000 shares versus a 3-month average of only about 63,000 shares.  The market cap is still a tiny $48.7 million.

Keep in mind that this is the second such day of a rally because yesterday came the announcement that RI M.E. Masterbatch would supply bioplastic resins for the European markets.  To show just how small this company is: it generated only $684,431 in gross sales for the three months ended June 30, 2010, and that was down 24% year over year.  The company had net unrestricted cash of $5,866,283 at June 30, 2010.

Lots of promise here.  Lots of risk as well.


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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PwC Will Buy Diamond Management & Tech, DPTI Skyrockets

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

PricewaterhouseCoopers has finalized plans to purchase technology consultant Diamond Management & Tech in a $378 million deal. As of 8:44AM EDT, shares of DPTI were up 31.03% to 12.50, well above its 52-week range of $5.58-$11.56. The stock has traded 224,914 shares in volume. The stock trades with an average volume of 2.5 million shares.

-Michael B. Sauter

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Friday, August 20, 2010

RIMM Downgraded By Morgan Stanley

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Research In Motion Limited (NASDAQ: RIMM) was downgraded by Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS)  from overweight to underweight. As of 8:16 AM EDT, RIMM was trading  at $49.00. This was 2.89% below yesterday’s close, which saw the stock down 1.03%. RIMM stock is nearing the bottom end of its 52-week range of 47.42 to 88.08. The stock has traded 54,401 shares, with an average volume of $15.2 million.

-Michael B. Sauter

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Unusual Options Trading Seen in Petrohawk (HK)

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Petrohawk Energy Corporation (NYSE: HK) is almost challenging its 52-week lows today on light trading volume in the stock.  And shares are down 2.2% at $15.82.  So why is it that there is unusual options trading out in December today?  Take a look at the DECEMBER 2010 CALLS trading today:
CALL$    Volume    OpInt
$16.00    2,017    737
$17.00    2,445    3,286
$18.00    15,226    2,063

There were also 6,041 contracts of the DEC-2010 $14.00 Puts, versus a meager open interest of only 202 contracts.

The front months saw some unusual activity in the SEPT-2010 $23.00 PUTS at 7952 contracts vs. 8,388 contracts in the open interest.  The SEPT-2010 $24.00 PUTS saw 7952 contracts trade so far vs. 8,388 contracts in the open interest.

The company recently tendered debt, in a refinancing after selling $825 million in notes.  The company also has two conference presentations coming up.

This is a bet that something solid may be brewing now that it is so low to 52-week lows. At $15.82, its 52-week range is $15.50 to $28.49.

Jon Ogg

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Symantec Makes Significant Gains PreMarket (SYMC)

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Symantec Corporation

As of 8:39AM EDT, Antivirus company Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) has gained 10.17% this morning to 13.87. the stock has traded 209 thousand shares, with an average volume of 14.4 million shares. The stock has a 52-week range of $12.04 to $19.16.

Last week, RBC capital markets downgraded SYMC from outperform to sector perform.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Explosive US Steel Options Volume (X)

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

United States Steel Corp. (NYSE: X) is seeing an explosion in its options trading on Wednesday.  Much is likely ahead of expiration for August this coming Friday.  But this also has to do with some speculation of a merger coming back to the metals sector.  If in ag and potash, why not steel or other metals?  As we always say, there are hundreds of rumors per year on buyouts, most never turn out to be true.  US Steel shares are currently up 5.5% at $49.95 on over 16 million shares versus average volume of 14.4 million shares.

Here is a breakdown of the NOON snapshot taken in CALLS option strike prices by month and the volume and open interest associated with them:

AUG$    Vol.    OpInt
$45.00    1,390    10,797
$46.00    1,786    9,714
$47.00    1,368    5,752
$48.00    10,207    7,120
$49.00    9,751    7,286
$50.00    19,890    13,479
$52.50    8,725    3,089
$55.00    7,194    5,331
$57.50    8,143    2,024
$60.00    1,123    330

SEPT$    Vol.    OpInt.
$47.00    1,625    2,804
$48.00    2,176    1,578
$49.00    1,343    1,250
$50.00    7,604    3,914
$52.50    4,711    3,451
$55.00    7,795    1,984
$60.00    8,522    2,096

OCT$    Vol. OpInt
$50.00    1,536    6,173
$52.50    2,102    2,178
$55.00    2,714    5,456
$57.50    2,870    1,455
$60.00    5,633    4,280
$62.50    337    648
$65.00    1,070    3,885
$70.00    2,712    2,068
$75.00    2,837    7,916


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Major Volume Spike in American Apparel (APP)

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

American Apparel, Inc. (AMEX: APP) is getting crushed.  Again.  We are seeing a second trading day of high stock volume after the Tuesday disclosure of a “going concern” where it might not be able to meet requirements and obligations inside its credit pact.  The company also disclosed that U.S. AG is looking into the circumstances of the resignation of Deloitte & Touche as auditor, as is the SEC.

The Wednesday drop is nearly the same as Tuesday.  Yesterday saw 2,550,600 shares trade hands and the stock closed down $0.36 at $1.03.  With average volume at 700,000 shares, this was a 3X volume alert.  We have another 3X volume alert today.  We have shares down $0.20 at $0.81 on more than 2.4 million shares already and the time is now only 11:05 AM EST.  This could trade more than 5 million shares at this pace, or more if the trading slowdown from 11 to 2:30 is not seen.

Shares hit a new 52-week low of $0.72 this morning.  Actually, that is an all-time low.


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Cardica Signs Deal With Intuitive

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Cardica, Inc. (NASDAQ: CRDC), the company which makes medical instruments for coronary bypass operations, skyrocketed in pre-market trading today from $1.66 to $2.50, an increase of 5o.6%.  This growth comes during a 52-week range of $1.00 to $2.85, and is marked by the movement of 26,200 shares; a very significant amount for pre-market trading compared with the company’s daily average of 40,919.

The cause of this movement is a deal between Cardica and Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (NASDAQ: ISRG), in which Intuitive now owns 5% of available Cardica stock and has exclusive rights to the company’s intellectual property.

-Michael B. Sauter

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Education Battered, Many 52-WEEK LOWS (APOL, CECO, EDMC, COCO, DV, ESI, STRA)

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Education stocks continue to get pounded after new Department of Education indications on guidelines and rules:

Apollo Group Inc. (NASDAQ: APOL) is actually getting some buying this morning and shares are up 0.4% at $39.10 on 275,000 shares pre-market.  This one might be better except the tape for peers is so bad.  The 52-week range here is $38.39 to $76.87.

Career Education Corp. (NASDAQ: CECO) is down 2% at $18.40 with a 52-week range of $18.21 to $35.88.  Thin volume here.

Education Management Corporation (NASDAQ: EDMC) NO VOLUME

Corinthian Colleges Inc. (NASDAQ: COCO) is getting crushed again with a 10.8% drop to $5.95 vs. a 52-week range of $6.64 to $20.29.  NEW 52-WEEK LOWS!  See that options trading volume from Friday…

DeVry, Inc. (NYSE: DV) is down 9% at $38.80 on 30,000 shares… NEW 52-WEEK LOWS!  Old trading range was $42.01 to $74.36.

ITT Educational Services Inc. (NYSE: ESI) is down 12% at $56.33… NEW 52-WEEK LOW.  Old range was $63.95 to $121.98.

Strayer Education Inc. (NASDAQ: STRA) down 17% at $166.23 on 190,000 shares, which is already a whole day’s volume.  The new 52-week range will be $163.75 to $262.44.  NEW 52-WEEK LOW ALERT!

(9:28 AM EST)


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Arena Regains Some Ground After Friday’s 7% Drop (ARNA)

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Arena Regains Some Ground After Friday’s 7% Drop (ARNA)

Posted in pre-market 

On Friday, Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARNA) posted a 7.53% loss after Jefferies expressed concern about the company’s sound usage of risk calculation for the obesity drug Lorcaserin. As of 8:34AM EDT, the biopharmaceutical company was up 2.71% to $6.81, which is at the high end of the stock’s 52-week range of $2.70-$8.00. The stock has traded 40,684 shares, with an average volume of 8.8 million shares.

-Michael B. Sauter

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Unusual Options Volume Spikes on Friday (NLY, COCO, HPQ, PCS, NTAP, NFLX, PHM, SUN)

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Friday had some incredibly wild options moves in select names on a standout basis.  We tracked some very unique and strange moves in options of Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NYSE: NLY), Corinthian Colleges Inc. (NASDAQ: COCO), Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HPQ), MetroPCS Communications, Inc. (NYSE: PCS), NetApp Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP), Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX), PulteGroup, Inc. (NYSE: PHM), and Sunoco Inc. (NYSE: SUN).

Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NYSE: NLY) saw unusual put options trading volume.  It looks like about 5-times normal trading volume.  Normally we’d say this is downside protection, but it may have been in part due to rolling expirations from August to September.  Over 16,000 were in the closest 3 August puts, and there were more than 20,000 of the September puts.

Corinthian Colleges Inc. (NASDAQ: COCO) gave a crazy read ahead of earnings next week.  Of the AUG $6 PUTS, we saw 8,262 contracts trade versus an open interest of only 868 contracts.  These expire next Friday and at a $6.66 close and a new 52-week range of $6.64 to $20.29, it seems like a serious bet was placed for an otherwise quiet option pattern.

Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HPQ) is still seeing significant options trading.  Some was roll date trading, but The open interest for the $42 strike and $45 strike grew by more than half each today after 15,347 and 13709 contracts traded in each respectively.

MetroPCS Communications, Inc. (NYSE: PCS) saw some unusual activity out in the speculative longer-dated calls. There were over 3,000 of the JAN-2011 $10 CALLS versus an open interest of 1,155 contracts.

NetApp Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) gave an options flag today… earnings are next week.  The AUG $38 CALLS saw 4,206 contracts versus the open interest of 2,119 contracts.  There were more than 9,000 more in AUG strike prices in the CALLS.  There were also 4,080 of the AUG $38 PUTS versus an open interest of 2,321 contracts.  Someone’s playing the straddle for earnings.  We also saw some 9.875 of the September $40 CALLS trade versus an open interest of 4,395 contracts.

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) is not as strong as we saw this week in speculation, but one thing is obvious… The elevated put and call options trading is continuing and the reason is simple: getting leverage to upside and downside moves.

PulteGroup, Inc. (NYSE: PHM) saw a whopping 20,352 of the SEPT-2010 $8 PUTS versus a prior open interest of only 692 contracts.  The $7 PUTS also saw 1,444 contracts trade versus an open interest of only 1 contract (yep, one).

Sunoco Inc. (NYSE: SUN) had a professional trader making a spread bet that is up to them to figure out but this one initially saw crazy volume in the AUG calls:

  • $Str    Volume    OpInt
  • $26    3,600    407
  • $27    6,300    695
  • $28    4,501    512
  • $29    20,000    850
  • $30    384,004    13,102
  • $31    26,400    1,264
  • $32    52,507    3,645
  • $33    6,306    1,394

Have a great weekend!


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Emergent Purchase Drives Up Trubion In Pre-Market

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Trubion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRBN) shot way up in pre-market trading preceding the company’s acquisition by Emergent Biosolutions Inc. (NYSE: EBS).  At the 8:35 AM EST Trubion is up 49.67% from $3 to $4.49 during a 52-week range of 2.29 â€" 6.75.  The company has also already traded 3,000 shares, a significant figured compared with their average of 16,011.

The transaftion, if it is completed, will provide Trubion shareholders with $1.365 in cash, as well as 0.1641 shares of Emergent common stock for each share of Trubion they currently possess.

-Michael B. Sauter

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cisco Flakes On Confidence

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) was down in pre-market trading as a result of weak guidance offered by the company.  At 8:35 AM EST is down 7.42% from $23.73 to $21.97, and has traded 876,856 shares, compared with the company’s average of 58,236,500 shares.  This drop comes during a 52-week trading range of $20.68 â€" $27.74.

Investor confidence was shaken by John Chambers, CEO of the IT company’s, characterization of the market as possessing “unusual uncertainty.”

-Michael B. Sauter

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cree Offers Low-Ball Expectations

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

At 8:35 AM EST, Cree, Inc. (NASDAQ: CREE) is down 9.66% from $68.96 to $62.30.  This drop follows an announcement from the company that outlines Q1 goals targeting revenue of $270 million to $280 million,  trailing behind the Wall Street expectation of $283.96 million.  The pre-market move comes during a 52-week range of $31.56 â€" $83.38 and the company has already traded 101,543 shares, compared with the average 3,113,390.

Cree, Inc. is an LED lighting company based in Durham, North Carolina.  The company announced a Q4 net income increase of 268% year-over-year to $60.1 million.

-Michael B. Sauter

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Qiagen Down Pre-Market, Despite Exceeding Forecasts

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Qiagen N.V., a diagnostic technology holding company, posted 2Q earnings yesterday which beat expectations.  Despite the positive news, stock of QGEN continues to lose ground pre-market after dropping .7% yesterday. As of 8:19AM EDT, shares were off 3.58% to 18.84 on 106,880 shares volume (average volume 2.32 million.) Qiagen is nearing its 52-week low of $18.06.

According to reuters, net income for Qiagen’s second quarter was $38.5 million. expected net income was $31.8 million.

-Michael B. Sauter

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Options Explosion in H-P (HPQ)

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Hewlett-Packard Company (HPQ) was one we knew that there was going to be a massive volume spike in today when it came to the stock.  Rather than almost 20 million shares in a day, we have seen over 108 million shares trade hands.  The stock is lower by 6.7% at $42.90 after hitting 52-week lows in the Friday evening after-hours session.

What is also standing out is major put and call option trading.   It is not even NOON EST yet and we have seen over 30,000 CALLS in AUG-2010 and over 20,000 PUTS in AUG-2010 trade hands.  For September-2010 we have also just gone above the 30,000 contract mark for the CALLS and over 23,000 contracts trade in the PUTS.

So far the trading in the JAN-2011 options have seen much more trading volume in the PUTS versus the CALLS: over 12,000 PUTS versus only about 6,000 CALLS.


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Nabors Set To Buy Superior Well Services

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Superior Well Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: SWSI) rocketed up at 8:35 AM EST 20.84%, resulting in shares increasing from $18.23 to $20.03.  This move is the result of Superior Well’s purchase by land rig contractor Nabors Industries Ltd. (NYSE: NBR) for approximately $900 million.  The morning has thus seen the movement of 2,964,810 shares, compared with Superior Well’s average volume of 547,172 shares.  The company’s success can also be measured with attention to its 52-week trading range, which currently stands at $5.66 â€" $19.96.

The pressure pumping company also just posted Q2 profits of $0.18 a share, totalling $6.1 million.  This is compared with analyst expectations, which predicted a loss of $0.10 per share.

-Michael B. Sauter

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kulicke and Soffa Report Positive Q3 Earnings

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Kulicke and Soffa Inc. (NASDAQ: KLIC) increased 13.19% from $7.20 to $8.15 at 8:35 AM EST this morning in pre-market trading following a third quarter profit of $0.65 per share and a revenue of $221.3 million.  Original estimates placed quarter earnings at $0.53 a share with a revenue of $205.3 million.  The company has also traded 51,510, compared with a daily average 2,244,910.  This move comes during a 52-week range of $4.03 â€" $9.58.

Kulicke and Soffa Inc. make semiconductor assembly equipment.  The company has announced that they expect a revenue of $250 million to $260 million for the fourth quarter.

-Michael B. Sauter

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Priceline Rockets Past Q2 Estimates

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software Incorporated (NASDAQ: PCLN) shot upwards in pre-market trading today from $230.67 to $270, a price increase of 17.05%.  This movement, which took place at 8:35 AM EST, is the result of an unexpectedly positive earnings review in which reported earnings of $3.09 per share on revenue of $767.4 million, beating estimates of $2.65 per share on revenues of $733 million.

This increase for the internet travel company comes during at 52-week trading range of $128.36 â€" $273.93.  The average daily volume for the company is 1,633,640.

-Michael B. Sauter

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What are the factors determining the rise and fall of monetary evaluation of a currency?

Before embarking into the aggressive world of forex, it is paramount to analyse and apprise the constituents that check the advancement and the decline of a currency. It is important to understand how to trade forex.

For instance, a couple of years back, $1 was equal to Rs. 46 against the Indian Rupee. This merely entails that for the exchange of every one dollar bill an individual or an entity gets is Rs. 46 in exchange of the dollar. Following are the list of constituents that check the rise and fall of a currency;

Inflation – It is the consequence of ascending inflation in the United States of America, due to high growth in oil prices in modern years that the American currency dollar bill has fallen behind on many grounds versus the Indian rupee, that stand at around Rs. 43 for now. Rise in rising prices proves to be a potent component when aiming your bet on a currency. War, growth in oil prices, earthy calamity, governmental disorder are some of the agents that bestow to inflation, which is defined as rise in prices.

Demographics – Demographic of population, the age of population, the literacy rate of people are as important for influencing the economical valuation of a currency affiliated with a state. For instance, a secure dollar against Indian rupee only means that American economic system is booming at a much gush rate than the Indian economy. The demographics of people bring to the infrastructural and occupational essentials of a country, thereby casting a rich economical growth for the nation.

These are some of essentials that one should look into before trading the forex.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sykes Suffers Following Q2 Announcement

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated fell way down in pre-market trading afting posting weak Q2 profits.  At 8:35 AM EST the company is down 31.37%, from $15.30 to $10.50, and has already traded 58,700 shares.  This is significant for pre-market trading as Sykes’ average volume is just 401,211.  This comes during a 52-week trading range of $13.48 â€" $26.91.

For Q2, the business process outsourcing company announced earnings of $0.14 per share.  This is compared with estimates of $0.30.  Sykes now predicts 2010 adjusted earnings of $0.81 to $0.83 a share.  This is a major drop from earlier predictions of $1.33 a share to $1.50.

-Michael B. Sauter

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Monday, August 2, 2010

DryShips Looks Good In Pre-Market Trading

Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

DryShips, Inc. (NASDAQ: DRYS) was slightly up this morning in pre-market trading as its rating was moved from Hold to Buy.  At 8:35 AM EST the company was up 3.99% from $4.51 to $4.69 and has traded 41,720 shares.  The average volume for the company is 12,073,700 market shares.  This comes in the middle of the 52 week trading range of $3.28 â€" $7.99.

DryShips has recently featured a high rate of volatility, implying that the the stock is neither overbought nor oversold for its price.

-Michael B. Sauter

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