Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Apple Chart Set-Up (AAPL)

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Apple Inc.(NASDAQ: AAPL) is trading up 2.2% at $207.54 on 760,0000 shares as of 8:50 AM EST.  You already knew about the blow-out it reported, but the accounting changes made the report very difficult to use for a real comparison.  It also had solid growth in iPhones and Mac sales, but the iPods unit sales declined as everyone who wants an iPod already has one.  The chart may be more directing than the news now with the following moving averages:

  • 5-day $207.13
  • 10-day $207.95
  • 20-day $209.68
  • 50-day $203.26

To catch everyone’s take any time on Apple, you can see those at AppleFinancialNews.com.


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