Thursday, January 7, 2010

When GE Gets a Volume Alert (GE)

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General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) is not the world’s most common stock to see giving high-volume trade alerts.  Yet that is what is happening today.   The market is fighting to remain positive, but GE shares are up considerably.  This may be on outside activity than anything as it has positive locomotive news and as airplane engine orders are strong.  But today may be more and more of an example of how the economy is recovering handily.  As long as the financial world doesn’t create another tail-spin, then GE is set to weather the recovery better than most.  There has been some activity in the stock options, but today’s move is mostly in the stock. At 12:47 PM EST we have seen 103 million shares trade hands, which is already getting close to 150% of the average daily volume 76 million shares.  More importantly this is already the most active share trading volume since November 9, 2009 when it traded 102.9 million shares.  The most active recent day was Nove mber 6, 2009 when the stock traded 165 million shares.

At 12:47 PM shares are up 5.95% at $16.36.


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