Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Radio Shack Options More Impressive Than Stock (RSH)

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Radio Shack Corp. (NYSE: RSH) is surging on ‘rumors’ today that we are skeptical of endorsing… Either way the stock saw 11.2 million shares trade as of 3:00 PM EST with the stock up around 5% and close to $21.00.

More important is the stock options trading, and it is also more impressive:

  • March-2010 $20 and $22.50 Calls have seen over 23,000 options contracts trade between the two; while the open interest was only about 17,000 contracts.
  • April-2010 $20 and $22.50 contracts combined have seen over 13,000 contracts versus barely 6,200 contracts in the open interest.

If you add up these call options you get some 36,000 contracts, which is 3.6 million shares worth of options on a fully leveraged basis that would be added to the volume.  The put option volume is paltry.

Caveat emptor!  Still, impressive volume.


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